After a rocky 1-5 start to the 2018 baseball season, the Heritage baseball team switched things up on the last Monday in February. They replaced their cleats with running shoes, and traded in the diamond for a little mud.

That was the day the Generals were introduced to Jason Kuhn.

Kuhn is a former MTSU baseball pitcher, who became a Navy SEAL following the attacks on September 11th, 2001. Kuhn led small teams of U.S. and foreign troops conducting special operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Africa.

After returning from his last trip overseas in 2014, he began receiving requests from NCAA teams and professional athletes for advice on improving mental toughness and team culture.  

From there, Stonewall Solutions was created. 

"Everybody learns how to hit, pitch, block, tackle, whatever it may in a classroom, and then they go practice it, but we never do that with leadership. So we want to practice it out here, learn, grow, get better, identify the weaknesses and mistakes, and then clean it all up so that when we hit the first game we have all that taken care of."

Kuhn has worked with roughly 100 different teams, implementing his own curriculum he calls the "Fundamentals of Winning."

Now the Generals are the most recent group to reap the benefits.

"I was definitely nervous" says senior outfielder Blake Bryan. "We had seen some videos and it looked kinda hard core, but I'm definitely glad he came out, it was awesome."

"It definitely brought us closer" says senior ace Cole Wilcox. "It also taught us about overcoming adversity and being able to get through things you might not think you could get through."

Already Kuhn's teachings are paying off. Since his workout with the team, Heritage has won eight games straight.

"Something like this is just going to make us closer and get better as a team" says Bryan. "We have a lot of underclassmen that look up to us, so bringing us all together is just going to make us better as a team."

The Generals return to the diamond Saturday March 22 for a non-regional game against East Hamilton. 

To learn more about Jason Kuhn and Stonewall Solutions, click here.