An age-old challenge for parents is understanding what their kids are saying to other kids.

With the advent of texting and social media, it's become even more complicated for parents to keep up.

MacAfee, the folks that sell anti-virus software, have done the hard work for you and compiled a series of slang terms used for texts and online that can be helpful to understand what's being said and maybe even keep the kids out of harm's way. 

Classified as harmless

  • Skeet: Let’s go
  • RN: Right now
  • DKWTD: I don’t know what to do
  • Thirsty: Desperate, impatient, or overly eager

Considered to be "risky"

  • AF: As f***, used to mean “extremely”
  • Sugarpic: Refers to a suggestive or erotic photograph
  • 182: I hate you
  • Shade: Refers to “threw shade” or “throwing shade,” to put someone down.

Possibly illegal or dangerous

  • Bud: Marijuana
  • Robo-tripping: Consuming cough syrup to get high
  • Pharming: Getting into medicine cabinets to find drugs to get high on
  • 420: Marijuana or let’s get high