A local hip-hop group is changing lives here in the Scenic City.

Hip-hop Cha launched two years ago to give Chattanoogans a place to learn about hip-hop and use it to create business opportunities.

Every community has its own rhythm, and Chattanooga is beginning to groove to a new beat. Kevin Brown is conducting that effort.

Brown built a home recording studio to launch his rapping career and quickly realized making music was more than a hobby.

It's a passion he shares with Markell Davenport.

“It got me out of the streets, and it created a positive thing in my life,” Davenport said. “Band is like family. It stop me from doing a lot of things other kids are doing.”

Davenport plays trumpet in Brainerd High School's marching band. He says music keeps him out of trouble.

“Out here, doing drugs, gang banging stuff like that,” said Davenport.

Davenport was named a captain for his dedication to music.

Band director Tracey Frazier says music is changing lives at Brainerd High.

“They referred to music as something that soothes their soul,” Frazier said. “It gets their mind off of whatever it is that they were thinking about.”

It's music that has Frazier’s students thinking about college.

The same tunes helped Kevin Brown focus on continuing his education at Tennessee State University.

“That was really like my first time being outside of Chattanooga," Brown said. "I was exposed to a whole different light.”

Experience that Kevin now uses to write songs and lead Hip-Hop Cha, an organization created to teach Chattanooga’s about the music industry.

“The business side," Brown said. "The proper way to record, deals and contracts. I think that that's what we've been missing in the Chattanooga community.”

Music education for anyone trying to find their own rhythm.

“It has no color it has no age it's for everybody and once you come and experience it you'll love it,” Brown said.