A recent report by the TBI shows DUI arrests are up almost 60 percent on college campuses across the state.

A nearly 60 percent increase sounds like a lot, but Knoxville attorney Steve Oberman said the TBI numbers don't tell the full story.

"When you're dealing with such small numbers, the percentages can be very deceiving," Oberman said.

He said even adding a small number of arrests can make huge percentage increases.

The TBI's Crime on Campus report, released last week, found UT had 41 arrests last year compared to 13 in 2016.

UT Chattanooga had 9, MTSU had 16, and Vanderbilt had 9.

We're dealing here with what was it, 41 arrests on UTK's campus? Probably during football games," Oberman said.

Oberman said more law enforcement at football games probably caused the increase in DUIs on campus across the state last year.

"A lot of those people are enjoying a tailgate, and they make poor decisions to drive home," said Knox County Sheriff's Office Sgt. Tim Belcher.

Belcher agrees -- there are usually more DUIs during sporting events.

While TBI numbers show campus cases are up, Oberman sees a different trend statewide.

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