UPDATE: Street signs are mangled and cinder blocks are piled in the grass at the Forgotten Child Fund building.

"It looks like it tore all our computers and hard drives and everything," Cpt. Kelly Simmons, President of the Forgotten Child Fund, said looking at the building.

Dispatchers said a truck crashed into the building just before 6:00 Sunday morning.

The driver is okay.

However, a building inspector said it’s too dangerous to let people inside.

The Forgotten Child Fund provides thousands of children in the Tennessee Valley with toys for Christmas.

Simmons said this is just one of many hardships the non-profit has faced recently.

"Year after year we're not catching a break," Cpt. Simmons urged.

Last summer a man was arrested for stealing copper from air conditioning units at the building.

Simmons said these are setbacks that have a big impact on the organization.

"Something like this is really detrimental to us,” Cpt. Simmons added. “I mean, it takes away from our main focus. It kind of leaves you sitting here scratching your head on where to go next."

Simmons said they will continue to serve the community. Now, they are just figuring out how.

"I'm just in awe right now of where to go, to pick up the pieces and move on," Cpt. Simmons said.

If you would like to help the Forgotten Child Fund, you can learn more on their website

PREVIOUS STORY: Hamilton County Dispatch said a truck crashed into the Forgotten Child Fund Building on E. Main Street.

The building is blocked off now. The building inspector said it is not safe to enter.

The call came in just before 5:00 Sunday morning.

Dispatchers said no injuries have been reported.

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