Guests who visit Ruby Falls during March will get more than just a tour of some breathtaking views more than 1,100 feet below the surface. They are also encouraged to take a healthy selfie and sign their name to take more steps towards heart health.

Hugh Morrow, Ruby Falls President says, "If they can learn about the environment, learn about the mountains and they can learn about preventable things they can do to prevent heart disease. It's very important "

Morrow says they felt it was important to partner with the American Heart Association and "Go Red For Women" to bring attention to this issue to help end heart disease and stroke in women.

Heart disease is the number one killer of women and for females under the age of 50, their heart attacks are twice as likely to be fatal. That's why Ruby Falls is encouraging visitors and staff to take 100-million steps in March.

Those we talked to thought it is a good idea.

Karlynn Wax, a Ruby Falls visitor says, "My grandmother had open heart surgery, so I think it is very important, like really important, to be healthy and I think it is a good cause."

Morrow says, "A typical tour guide takes four tours a day and that's well over 10,000 steps, so that's a four to five mile day for them which is great."

Meanwhile, Morrow says guests walk an average of 2,500 steps as they tour the cave and climb Lookout Mountain Tower. That's a quarter of the way toward the recommended goal of 10,000 steps a day.

Morrow says, "We want to make this an educational experience not only about geology, but also about Lookout Mountain and health and how activities can be good for your health."

Visit Ruby Falls' website or click here for more information.