Marion County School leaders want to ease safety concerns with a community after recent threats. 

More than 200 people have signed a petition stating they want better communication from the school system in light of those threats. 

A handful of those parents took those concerns to the superintendent on Wednesday. 

"I'd like to see information given to parents directly that a threat took place, the resolve of that threat, they're minors, we don't need to know their names but we need to know it was taken care of," parent Katie Tillman said. 

Amber French also signed the petition and met with Superintendent Dr. Mark Griffith Wednesday. 

She described a situation recently with a high school student when she noticed a heavy police presence at the school. 

"Part of what really got me was she was very nonchalant about it about the heavy police presence, she said oh, just a kid making a silly threat, no big deal. I was actually tearing up because it was just no big deal to her," French said. 

Dakota Wimpy is another parent who attended. 

"I want to be told what's going on outside of what my children or telling me or over the media," he said. 

Griffith said he understands the parents' concerns and is willing to meet with them about any concerns they may have. 

"Any concerned parent, I'm willing to sit down and have a conversation, an open door policy, I've always been like that for the last 12 years and will continue to do so," he said. 

Griffith said he has a meeting planned Thursday with principals, the sheriff and the local TEMA representative to go over safety procedures and make any tweaks that may be needed. 

He said he will meet with the group of parents who visited him Wednesday and is planning safety summits at all the schools over the next few weeks. 

"For security purposes, we can't reveal a lot of stuff like that out into the general public but we can have basic conversations and things they want to talk about that we might have missed," Griffith added. 

We will keep you updated on what happens.