In the year 2020, German automaker Volkswagen plans to launch their new I.D. family of vehicles, with the newest being the I.D. VIZZION sedan being displayed as a concept care at the 2018 Geneva Auto Show.

The I.D. VIZZION’s ‘digital chauffeur’ assumes control of the vehicle—without a steering wheel or visible controls. 

Volkswagen says the concept car will drive, steer and navigate autonomously in traffic, enabling passengers to sit back and enjoy the ride. 

A virtual ‘host’ will know the personal preferences of the vehicle guests and it adapts to each of them individually. 

Interaction with the I.D. VIZZION is possible via augmented reality and newly designed mixed reality eyewear—the HOLOLENSTM developed by Microsoft®. Expected to come to production in 2022, the I.D. VIZZION will first be available with conventional controls.

Using artificial intelligence (AI), the VIZZION will use new features to go adjust and compensate for all conceivable scenarios and car might encounter.

Volkswagen also says the VIZZION is designed for "Level 5" autonomous driving, meaning there would be no conventional driver's seat, steering wheel, dash panel or foot pedals.

Initially, the VIZZION will be shipped with those controls as what they describe as a "Level 4" autonomous vehicle, meaning it would be able to enjoy automated use as well.

The vehicle's drive system components of the MEB architecture—two motors, two transmissions, the electronics that link everything together and the high-voltage battery—are optimally incorporated into the I.D. VIZZION package.