The Blizzard of '93 is more than a memory for the Couches. The storm hit the same weekend they planned to get married, which makes quite a story, even 25 years later.

A wedding day is stressful enough for anyone, but this wedding day took it to a new level.

It was Friday, March 12th, 1993. Dina and Tim wrapped up their rehearsal dinner and were keeping an eye on the snow moving in ahead of their big day.

"We didn't have all the radar, that you have now, to know exactly how much. It just looked like a little spot coming up on what they would show for the weather. So you didn't' think it was going to be very much," said the bride to be, Dina.

When they woke up the next morning they found nine inches of snow, and the cancellations started pouring in. A guest list of 400 dwindled to 70. They had no choice but to push the wedding back.

"All of our invitations, the napkins, the programs, they all say the 13th," adds Dina.

But their anniversary is the 14th. The couple exchanged vows that Sunday afternoon at Ooltewah Baptist Church. Getting there was still a challenge.

"It was not like you could get in your car and drive, there was still two feet of snow on the ground," Tim said.

Dina's dad drove guests home after the wedding. Dina and Tim's Sanibel Island honeymoon was out of question. Their flight was canceled.They spent their wedding night at Dina's sister's home. The second night they stayed with Dina's parents. The third night they finally made it to a little cabin in Winchester, Tennessee.

Dina stated, "I hated snow for the longest time, for the longest time I did not want to see any snow."

25 years later, it all seems funny.

Mr. and Mrs. Couch laughed, "We definitely didn't want a Friday the 13th Wedding Anniversary."

They think back to the man who performed the ceremony and his message that still rings true today.

Tim reminisced, "Larry Williams, the guy that married us had a great message that day about storms and how you have to live through them, not just this snow, but storms through your life."

Dina and Tim never officially took a honeymoon. For their 25th Anniversary this year, they plan to go on vacation. Dina says they will go somewhere warm and sunny, without snow in the forecast.

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