(WBIR) - The Tennessee Valley Authority said it expects to see electricity demand go up this week as people crank on the heat. Temperatures for the first full week of March are expected to be on the chillier side with lows dropping into the 30s and 40s.

Folks may be inclined to turn on the heat too as it gets a bit cooler. The good news is TVA doesn't expect electricity bills to go up too much.

"People are turning their heat on more and more," Tim Barnett with TVA's river management said. "So the more hydro we have, the more expensive option we can turn off, so that will help us to minimize power bills if we've got more hydro on."

TVA said it has been able to generate additional electricity after quite a bit of rainfall at the end of February. The drop in bill prices probably won't be seen in your power bill until later this spring.

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