Waiting continues for the families who had children on board Bus 366. 

A jury found Johnthony Walker guilty on six counts of criminally negligent homicide Thursday. 

Nearly three dozen families filed civil lawsuits against Walker for pain and suffering and to help pay medical bills, several of those cases are still open more than a year after the crash. 

Thursday's guilty verdict gives the green light to 26 civil cases connected to the crash.

Local attorney Zack England said it can take years before a civil case is heard if a criminal case is involved too. 

"You may be forced to wait for the criminal side to resolve or make progress before the civil end of things can really pick up," England said. 

England said the civil cases will not be treated like the criminal one. 

"With a criminal trial, you're proving something beyond a reasonable doubt, which is a higher standard than a civil trial where it's just a preponderance of the evidence or more likely than not," he added. 

A criminal judge threw out Walker's prior history and complaints filed against him. 

A different judge could allow them in a civil trial. 

"There is going to be a strong argument that the habit and the character of this defendant could be an issue and his past driving behaviors could certainly come into play," he said. 

Nine of the civil cases have been closed. 

We'll keep you updated with what happens. 

England is an attorney with Warren and Griffin. His partner, C. Mark Warren represents one of the victims, however England does not.