UPDATE: Two Dade County students will be charged as adults for having a gun on school property.

Deputies say Jayden Folds and Thomas Bradley brought the unloaded gun into the school just after noon.

The teens have been charged with possession of a firearm on school property, a felony and disrupting a public school, a misdemeanor.

Julianna Silverthorne was eating lunch when Dade County High School was placed on a soft lockdown because an unloaded gun was discovered at school.

This is the second incident involved a threat or weapon at Dade County High School this year.

“I know a lot of kids in school say that they are scared to come to school because they don't know what's going to happen,” said Julianna Silverthorne, student.

The Assistant Principal noticed students Jayden Folds and Thomas Bradley "acting odd" and wanted to know why.

Dade County Superintendent Dr. Jan Harris tells Channel 3 that two had the weapon at school to be purchased.

“Administrators at the Dade County high school where alert and they were looking for these types of behaviors,” said Sergeant Chad Payne, Dade County Sheriff Office. “Had this been a more serious incident the assistant principal was observant enough to have been able to work that.”

The school alerted parent by sending a text message.

On Monday school officials, parents and law enforcement will come together to talk about safety for students.

“They are doing everything like they are supposed to and they are very serious about it the kids safety,” said Angela Workman, mother.

“We've been talking about adding additional SRO's additional security measures things like that in this just reinforces that even though like he said there was no threat,” said Sergeant Payne.

Officials say any incident involving threats or weapons in the school system will be prosecuted to the fullest.

“The time to play is over with this is serious stuff now we just wish that children wouldn't make these bad choices,” said Sergeant Payne.

Silverthorne says students are aware but prepared for a normal day of classes Monday.

“I mean some people it will be in the back of their heads just kind of a precaution but it won't be everybody freaking out,” said Silverthorne.

In the state of Georgia you are considered an adult at the age of 17. That’s why the student’s names and details of their arrest were released.

Officials hope others will take not of how serious the charges are and if they see something that concerns then to say something.

PREVIOUS UPDATE: Two Dade County High School students were arrested for bringing a gun to school on Friday. One student brought an unloaded gun to Dade County 

Dade County Sheriff PIO Sgt Chad Payne says the incident happened just after noon. Two male students, both 17, were charged with possessing a gun on school property.

An assistant principal found the weapon and called the Sheriff's Department.

Dr. Jan Harris tells Channel 3 that the weapon was brought to school to be purchased. No threats were ever made to anyone.

They are in the early stages of the investigation and Payne says more charges could be filed.

The school was placed on a soft lockdown, which lasted about 10-15 mind, and has been lifted.