It was emotional for the families both sides of the Woodmore case who have been waiting a year and three months for this day. 

Some of the Woodmore parents made it very clear they have no bad feelings for Johnthony Walker and that they will be praying for him. 

But they left the courtroom this evening saying justice has been served.

"I’ve been waiting for a long time. Praying; praying for this and God answered our questions; all six of us," said LeTesha Jones, mother of Cor'Dayja Jones, 9, who was a 4th grader at Woodmore Elementary School. "We got justice. God is good. Thank you Jesus; thank you thank you." 

For the past three days Woodmore parents have watched heartbreaking video of their children; sat through testimonies; reliving the day their lives were changed their lives forever. 

"I feel much better. I can get sleep now. I can continue working and moving on. This is something I want to put behind me," said Demetrius Wilson, mother of Keonte Wilson, 8, who was a 2nd grader at Woodmore Elementary School.

Walker was found guilty of 27 charges from the 2016 bus crash on Talley Road; a reality that hit hard for walker's family as he held them tight. 

"The evidence spoke for itself today. It’s no use and having harsh feelings for his family being angry at his family they have to be here to support their child they have to be here to support your brother and that’s understandable," said Diamound Brown, 6, who was a kindergartener at Woodmore Elementary School. "My son had already went to glory and the hardest part now is going to be watching Jonathan Walker continue to suffer and continue to go through what he has to go through."