UPDATE: Dalton High School's principal continues to say that Randal Davidson, the man accused of firing a gun inside a classroom, was capable of teaching.

A police report Channel 3 uncovered documents a third medical episode in the last two years. 

According to police reports, Davidson has been hospitalized at least three times since March of 2016. Channel 3 wanted to know if the school was aware and if the reports were considered during the evaluation process.

The latest report from the Dade County Sheriff's Office said Randal Davidson set his car on fire in August of 2016 and was considered to be "unstable."

Family members reported seeing Davidson sitting down with an unloaded rifle watching the car burn.

"The vehicle that he set on fire was his vehicle and that factors into why he was not charged because the only thing we could have criminally charged him would have been arson, but the way it was done, it did not apply in that situation," Sgt. Chad Payne of the Dade County Sheriff's Office said.

His wife turned over three rifles and Davidson was taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation.

"Due to the fact that he was not criminally charged, they were handed back to the wife with the instruction that she needed to try to prevent him from possession of them," Sgt. Payne said.

It's an incident the Dalton city school system says they never knew about,  but administrators confirm they were aware of two other situations that occurred in Dalton city limits.

Police said Davidson tried to confess to having someone killed in March of 2016 and when he was found on a nearby road by the high school after saying he was leaving for the day in January of 2017.

Administrators with Dalton City Schools said teachers are evaluated once a year using state standards. 

The school's principal signs off on that evaluation. That does not include any sort mental health assessment. 

The criteria is that a teacher fulfill their job responsibilities. Channel 3 asked if Davidson passed all his evaluations in his 14 years with the school system and we were told that information is "confidential".

ORIGINAL STORY: Police say the teacher accused of firing a gun inside Dalton High School on Wednesday has a history of medical episodes.

According to a police report taken on January 25, 2017, Dalton High teacher Jesse Randal Davidson told his supervisors that he was going to leave school for the rest of the day because he was not feeling well. 

The report says Davidson could not be found when a family member arrived at the school to pick him up. School staff members told police they last saw Davidson in the far east hallway of the school.

    Police and staff began searching for Davidson and could not find him in the school. When an officer notified Hamilton Medical Center and Criminal Investigation Division (CID) due to "Davidson having a history of medical problems," the officer was told by CID that Davidson was seen walking east on Waugh Street.

    The report says Davidson was sitting on the curb, "being held up by two school staff members" when police arrived. Davidson was taken by ambulance to Hamilton Medical Center.

    Another police report, filed on March 21, 2016, says Davidson went to police because he "wanted to confess to having someone killed."

    The report says Davidson told police he was on "several different medications for depression" and had just gotten out of the hospital that day.

    Police say they "were not able to verify any information that he provided to be accurate." The report says Davidson appeared to "be delusional or have something else that had occurred that is causing him to have these thoughts."

    Davidson was taken to Hamilton Medical Center after talking with police "based on him thinking about hurting himself."