Parents were scrambling to reach their children who were inside Dalton High School Wednesday. 
Annmarie Jacobs received a text from her daughter Emma saying they "were under a threat attack" and "it's real." Moments later another text saying a teacher had locked himself in a room and was quote "freaking out, yelling."

A few texts later, she wrote "he has a gun" then, "people are saying he's holding kids inside of his room but I don't know." 
Channel 3 later learned that Social Studies teacher Randal Davidson was in fact barricaded in a classroom by himself, firing a handgun, and was later taken into custody.
Annmarie shared with us the text she sent pleading with her daughter to answer the phone.

"Please answer the phone. Don't you worry about what they say. Answer the phone Emma." 

Her daughter could not answer because the teacher was blocking the door with a desk and instructed students to stay quiet, not knowing what was happening. 

"Mommy I can't, there can't be any talking. the swat team is here." 

Cell phone video from inside the school shows students running for an exit in a panic. Dalton Police say at least one student suffered an ankle injury during the chaos.

That student was treated on the scene and is OK. Students we talked to say teachers encouraged them to be quiet as they ran.

The teacher police say is responsible for all this is also receiving support on social media, many who know him are asking for prayers. 

Students are also posting about Davidson saying he was a role model, making it hard to understand why this happened.