Ken Nicholson has been lighting up for more than a decade and he's tried just about everything to quit.

Ken Nicholson, a smoker says, "I've tried the patch, the gum; the patch made me sick the gum really didn't work."

Gina Seabolt, a hypnotherapist says, "But if you're not addressing the things that are supporting your smoking, like the stress or anxiety, then you're likely to pick up the smoking habit back up again."

Gina Seabolt is a hypnotherapist who has an office at Nutrition World.

Ken says "I'm very optimistic, very optimistic."

Ken, who is a Channel 3 assignment manager, decided to give hypnotherapy a chance, saying he really didn't have anything to lose.

Ken says, "You're killing yourself. It's just a really gross habit that I don't want to be a part of anymore, I don't want to smell like an ashtray."

Gina knows that people often associate hypnotherapy with hypnosis and are quick to dismiss it or take it seriously.

Gina Seabolt says, "I don't have people to bark or entertain anything like that. I just have them to focus in on their bodies; that's the very first thing I do when we begin a hypnotherapy session."

During the 45 minute sessions, Gina tries to induce a hypnotic state in the client and increase their motivation or alter their patterns of behavior.

Gina Seabolt says, "I have them to focus in on the flow of the breath and relaxing themselves, I have them to focus in on different parts of their bodies to relax themselves so they become in tune with their body and how they are feeling."

Hypnotherapy is basically a four step process that includes: explaining the behavior, creating a strategy, helping the client become receptive to the strategy, and evaluating whether the change has taken place.

Gina Seabolt says, "I can't rewire one's mind, they can do it themselves. I can definitely assist them."

Ken says, "You think you are there for five minutes and you are really there for way longer, an hour."

We checked back in with Ken two weeks after his first session. He had just completed his second visit with Gina.

Ken says, "It's kind of weird how the cravings fade away more and more each day"

Ken says he has gone from a pack a day to just six, which is about 2/3's less. Ken considers that a step in the right direction.

Ken says, "To be honest I've had two today and that's a big change for me. To some it may not mean anything but to me it's a huge difference."

Gina knows that some people will still be very skeptical about hypnotherapy and if really works or can make a difference.

Gina Seabolt says, "I'm not saying hypnotherapy is the fix all for anyone, but don't keep doing what you know doesn't work."

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