It’s expected to be an emotional week for the families of the children on Bus 366, including the mothers of the six children who died.

Tuesday, Woodmore bus driver Johnthony Walker goes on trial as a jury from Clarksville hears his case.

They shared these pictures with us and the stories behind their fondest memories.

D’Myunn Brown

D’Myunn Brown, 6, was a kindergartener at Woodmore Elementary School.
His mother, Diamound Brown says her son loved the water.
She says he loved to swim regardless of the weather.
Brown shared this picture of her son playing in the fountains at Coolidge Park.

Zyanna Harris

Zyanna Harris, 10, was a 4th grader at Woodmore Elementary School.
Friends describe her as having a sense of humor and loved to laugh.
They also say she was far from shy and had a sassy side to her as well.

Cor’Dayja Jones

Cor’Dayja Jones, 9, was a 4th grader at Woodmore Elementary School.
For her mother, LaTesha Jones, Halloween 2016 holds one of her fondest memories of her daughter.
Jones tells Channel 3 Cor’Dayja wanted to dress up like a police officer that year and wear her costume to school.
Jones said Cor’Dayja’s younger sister envied her older sister so much, she wanted to be a police officer for Halloween too.

Zyaira Mateen

Zyaira Mateen, 6, was a 1st grader at Woodmore Elementary School.
One of her mother, Jasmine Mateen’s favorite memories is taking her daughter to the Chattanooga Zoo.
Even though the goats were bigger than the 6-year-old, Zyaira wasn’t afraid.
Mateen snapped this picture as her daughter brushed one of the goats.

Zoie Nash

Zoie Nash, 9, was a 4th grader at Woodmore Elementary School.
Her mother Misti Nash reminisces of family time with her daughter and sons.
One of her most cherished moments was when this picture was taken.
Nash says Zoie was watching TV with her mom and brothers on the couch.

Keonte Wilson

Keonte Wilson, 8, was a 2nd grader at Woodmore Elementary School.
His mother, Demetrius Wilson remembers his 7th birthday fondly.
She tells Channel 3 Keonte celebrated the big day at Chuck E. Cheese with his siblings and friends.
Wearing his birthday hat, Wilson snapped this picture as he blew out the candles on his Spiderman themed birthday cake.