Channel 3's Jill Jelnick sat down with UTC junior forward Makinde London ahead of the Mocs' game against UNCG Friday. 

JILL: Makinde you are one of the most energetic, most entertaining players on the court. Fans come to watch you play. How do you maintain that same level of energy and passion every game?

MAKINDE: You know, I think I have to attribute that to the saying that energy is not created nor destroyed. When the fans give us energy and show us love, I try to bottle that up and channel it and give it back to them on the court.

JILL: This team has faced a lot of adversity this season, you personally and others as well. How do you overcome that adversity?

MAKINDE: I think we all see our big burdens as one. We understand that individually it's a lot harder for us to face things on our own. So the way this season has gone, it's brought us closer and being able to attack those collectively has allowed us to prepare for our ultimate goal and I think that's going to show here soon.

JILL: There are only two regular season games left before the SoCon tournament. What's the biggest thing this team needs to work on before Asheville?

MAKINDE: Focus. Focus on the small details, finishing games, finishing plays. Once we can put those things together to finish the rest of the game, I think we can really show people what we can do.

UTC tips off against UNCG on the road Friday, February 22nd at 7pm.