Our pictures of a bad guy pulling a gun during a robbery may help round him up. "This guy may not even be from here," explained Detective Sgt. Steve Hoke of the Red Bank Police Department. "He could be from Chattanooga, he could be conducting more robberies in other locations, in other cities."

This one, though, happened on a January evening on Dayton Boulevard. "He came into the Shell station and he hung out for a few minutes," Sgt. Hope continued. "You know, he got a couple of tallboys and he got a six pack and he hung around. And, I guess, when there was a lull in the people coming in and out, he pulled a gun."

The crook demanded money. The clerk complied and even had the wherewithal to shoo away another customer. "I think he actually protected that other person that came to purchase something," said Hope. "He actually told them to go away."

The thief we are seeking is a black male with facial hair and in the pictures, pay particular attention to his sweatshirt and his gloves. And, it seems, he is not a tall man. "In this case, he's wearing a hoodie that's got a point towards the back and it makes him look taller, but he appears to be not 5'6" to 5'9", Hope estimated. "And he's wearing boots. He could be even shorter than that."

Back to that gun. It was silver and he held it in his left hand. "So there's not a lot of people out there wearing a New England hoodie that looks like that that's left handed," said Sgt. Hope. "I mean, we could probably narrow that down to one person and there's somebody out there that knows who it is."

Other surveillance video showed him being dropped off at the Normandy Apartments nearby. "It's a dark colored SUV," described Hope. "I want to say it's an Explorer (Ford), but the video is kind of grainy. But, it was enough to show that he did exit the passenger's side and then he did get back in."

We have up to $1,000 reward for your good tip. The detective added, "If the people want to do it for the money, let them do it for the money. But, let's get him off the street because somebody could get hurt and that's the last thing that we need."

If you put the clues together and think you know who this guy is, call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333 is the number. 

That line is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we will never ask your name or who you are.