Stop the violence.

That was the message Cachet Peterson's friends and family want Chattanoogans to hear. They gathered outside the Hamilton County Courthouse Wednesday to remember the 21-year-old killed outside a popular Southside bar.

The group was small but had a big message. Put the guns away and be role models for the younger generations.

“We will continue to live for Cachet because she did not deserve it,” Cachet’s cousin Satedra Smith said.

Mothers, wives and friends. Each has lost someone they love to gun violence.

“It is so much," Louise Bell said. "Nobody should have to live like this. Nobody should have to live like this, nobody."

Only connected by their loss, they gathered on the steps of the Hamilton County Courthouse to support the Peterson family, which lost 21-year-old Cachet Peterson to a drive-by shooting outside the Southside Social early Sunday morning.

“Talk to the family, try and put them on the right track trying to solve some problems we have in our black neighborhoods,” Skip Eberhardt said.

The group chose the courthouse at the city's center for the demonstration. Their message was not solely for city leaders, but all Chattanoogans hoping for change.

“This is your city, you cannot let misfits destroy where you live, and control where you go to and where you can't go to, and then be in fear of being there,” Smith added.

Police responded to two homicides in 72 hours. The scenes were just five miles apart. Police said the shootings are not connected, but this group says both are the result of a culture, one that is tearing families apart.

“So much pain," Bell added. "So much in pain in a mother's, a father's, a loved one's heart."

The Chattanooga Police Department does not have any suspects in Cachet's death. Anyone with any information is asked to contact the homicide tip line at (423) 643-5100.