In Washington, and around the country, the calls from students demanding lawmakers act on gun control are growing louder.

On Monday, a group of local high schoolers took their message directly to the White House. One by one, dozens of teens were lying down in front of the White House, serving as a grim reminder of those killed in Parkland, Florida and other school shootings.

"As high schoolers we want to create safe environment not only for ourselves and classmates - but for the country," said Washington D.C. area high school student Anna Hurley. 

President Trump Monday wrapped up a holiday weekend in Florida, announcing he is open to a bill, now in Congress, that would strengthen background checks.

But over the weekend, President Trump drew outrage by mixing the tragedy in Parkland with politics, suggesting the FBI missed tips on the Florida school shooter because it was too busy with the Russia investigation.

"It's shameful for the president to be hiding behind the 17 victims of gun violence, and somehow make it all about him," said former Senior FBI Official Frank Figliuzzi.