If you're a parent concerned about how much time your kids are spending on their phone and what they're doing on it, have I got an app for you.

unGlue, perfect name for kids who can't take their eyes off the screen, is a totally free app for both iPhone and Android devices. 

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After installing the app on the parent's phone, you'll enter in the phone number of your child in order to send them a text
message with a link to download the app.

You won't be able to sneak this one by them.

Parents can set time limits for using the device for entertainment such as watching Netflix or YouTube videos, browsing Instagram and most anything else that has their attention. 

unGlue allows the parent to set specific limits on how many hours a day and what times they can use their device.

It's important to note that you're not turning off the child's phone. They can still accept your phone calls and text messages once they've exceeded their time limit.

If they have any time left over, which may never happen, they can put it in a time bank and use it later when the parent says it's okay. 
Kids can also earn extra time by completing chores. If a parent okays an extra 30 minutes for walking the dog, it can be done within the UnGlue app.

unGlue also blocks adult content from reaching their phone, and the company says it constantly updates its database of questionable sites.

Parents also have control of their phones when they're not on the same WIFI  network. For instance, if the child is spending the weekend with a friend, the phone is still under the control of the parent's phone.

unGlue works with both iPhones and Androids and will work together, so if the parent has an iPhone and the child has an Android, unGlue still works.

Your kids may do everything they can to find a way to delete the app, uninstall it or just turn it off, but those controls are only allowed from the administrator's device.

There are similar apps on the market, but for ease of use, lack of a way a child can uninstall the app and the free pricetag, UnGlue gets my parental vote as the best in both app stores.