Graffiti is a problem that cities across the nation deal with. 

In Chattanooga, it can be found on the side of bridges, buildings and poles. 

Officials with the city of Chattanooga say there were fewer than 100 reports of graffiti last year and they came from mostly the downtown area. 

"We do try to clean it, if we can. We sometimes have to replace street signs that are vandalized or paint over them. So we have a couple of different ways depending on what type of paint it is and the kind of infrastructure," Justin Holland said. 

Holland oversees the city's public works department and says his crews clean up graffiti when it's on public property, like street signs, sidewalks and bridges. 

"If graffiti is found on private property, it would be the private property owner's responsibility," Holland added. 

If a building is vacant or abandoned, Holland said code enforcement officers are sometimes called in. 

"Someone always owns a property. So someone is responsible for it. If it's a property that the city owns, we handle that. If we take a property in back tax, we're responsible for maintenance of the property," he said. 

A new mobile app is making it easier to report graffiti and other problems throughout the city. It can also be used to make requests like leaf collection.

By downloading CHATT311, residents can submit reports, monitor a report's status and see other reports in the city at anytime and they're sent directly to the appropriate department. 

The app is free for iPhone and Android users.

Reports can also be made by calling 311 or e-mailing