Doctors in a north Georgia emergency room were forced to call police after one of their patients became unstable, combative - and naked more than once.

According to a report filed by the Ellijay Police Department, officers were called to Piedmont Mountainside Hospital in the late night hours of Feb. 3.

Officers arrived speaking with District Attorney Office Investigator Greg Arp who was working off-duty detail at the hospital. There, they learned the initial details of what would become an odd night in the emergency room.

In room six was Roy Leon Davenport, an extremely intoxicated man who had been brought to them by ambulance. Officers walked in and found Davenport naked, bloody and cursing loudly at the off-duty investigator. Apparently, some of that blood was from when he hit himself in the head with a beer bottle. What blood wasn't running down his face was apparently in his mouth. Arp said that Davenport had spit some of it on a respiratory therapist trying to assist in giving him intravenous medication. But the awkward moments didn't stop there.

At this point, police said he was trying to stand on his bed. Still, hospital employees continued doing their work to help him. When a radiology employee came to take the inebriated man for a CT scan, he hopped out of the bed almost as soon as he got there and removed his gown once again.

The report states that Davenport "squared up" against the investigator and the officer - the drunken man still completely naked - and balled his fists. He then allegedly said "let's go boys" before informing them that he had to urinate and, then, leaving for the restroom.

Moments later he returned and laid on the CT machine. The investigator attempted to cover the naked man but was met with incoherent statements and obscenities as Davenport refused to cover himself.

He exposed himself once again when they took the man back to his room. And things didn't get any better when a doctor and a pregnant registered nurse came in to stitch him up. Yelling obscenities and pretending his hand was a gun, Davenport then tried to get up while he was getting stitches.

As the pregnant nurse attempted to prevent him from causing damage to his fresh wounds, he swung his arm, hitting her, and attempted to get out of the bed.

Davenport then made disparaging remarks about an additional officer's mother and followed with an obscene gesture as officers tried to restrain him.

A hospital doctor later came back with information on the irate man's CT scans. The good news was that the doctor didn't see anything that would prevent him from being incarcerated. The bad news - for Davenport - was that he was definitely going to jail.

There, the man who couldn't keep his clothes on at the hospital ended up being strip-searched during processing according to his arrest report. He now faces charges of public indecency, simple battery against a pregnant woman, public drunkenness, and probation violation. The latter of the charges in his arrest report is the only one listed as a felony.

Police said Davenport's blood alcohol came back as .247. That's about three times the legal limit for driving or any other activity that requires good judgment - something that an Elijay officer's report shows was clearly absent in room six that night.

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