UPDATE: Schools across the Channel 3 viewing area are responding to threats made on the heels of the mass shooting in south Florida.

Investigators say social media was used in many of those threats.

Officials have confirmed threats in Bradley and Meigs counties and across the state line in Catoosa County. Arrests have been made and students are safe.

Around a quarter of students at Meigs County High School stayed home on Friday in light of a threat posted on Snapchat.

The student who made the threat was arrested after midnight. Parents were alerted through social media, text messages, and an automated call.

A violent threat posted on social media had parents and students concerned. Nerves were calmed when deputies arrested the student they say was behind it.

"I was just glad they took care of it quickly. After the shooting they had in Florida, it was pretty scary," Autumn Frye, a parent said.

Frye's two children are students at the high school. She's happy to hear more deputies spent the day on campus. 

"Well, the safety of the children. You definitely want them to come home," Frye said.

Sheriff Jackie Melton said a male student posted a video on Snapchat showing him shooting a target and referencing what happened in Parkland, Florida.

"If you're going to make a threat, then we're going to be investigating it," Sheriff Jackie Melton of the Meigs County Sheriff's Department said.

Sheriff Melton said they investigate all threats and take each one seriously. 

A student saw the video and reported it to authorities. Melton said it's an example of how the "see something, say something" campaign works.

"It makes you feel good that they're interested in their community and they have confidence in their sheriff's department," Sheriff Melton said.

"It is a life-changing decision," David Brown, Director of Special Programs for Meigs County Schools said.

That's the message school officials have for anyone thinking about making a threat or acting on one. 

"Whether it's made out of anger or frustration, seek help. There's plenty of help," Brown said.

Additional guidance counselors spent the day on campus as one more way to calm the fears of students and parents.

"I feel pretty safe, but we always worry. There's lots of shootings. It's not just the Florida thing. It's all the time. There's constantly a shooting it seems like. It's a constant fear," Frye said.

The sheriff said extra patrols will remain at Meigs County High School next week as a precaution.

PREVIOUS STORY: One person is arrested for making a violent threat posted on social media regarding the Meigs County Schools.

Here is the press release from the school system that was sent out and posted on their Facebook page early Friday morning.

Yesterday Thursday, February 15th, around 11:00pm, the Meigs County Sheriff’s Department received information regarding a violent threat that was posted on social media. Overnight, the Sheriff’s Department in conjunction with the Meigs County Department of Education conducted an investigation into this threat and were able to identify the party involved. The individual was placed in custody around 12:30am, and is awaiting a court appearance. The school system would like to thank Sheriff Jackie Melton and his department for their swift action and thorough investigation. There will be additional law enforcement presence at the high school on Friday, as well as social supports for students and staff, as well as parents and guardians. We are confident that this is an isolated incident and that there is no current threat to our school community.

The Meigs County School System would like to praise the students and school community who quickly reported this incident to authorities. The sincere and brave actions of those who reported allowed authorities the ability to act quickly to ensure the safety of our community. “See something, say something” has become a school safety motto across the nation and we would like to thank our students, parents, and members of the community who work together every day to keep our schools safe.