Scammers are always looking for new ways to get your money. One troubling trend centers around gift cards from a well known online retailer.

Tracey Sanders said he received a call from a person pretending to work for Direct TV. He thought it was normal since he is a customer. 

Sanders said the caller convinced him buy an Amazon gift card for $320 and give the card number to Direct TV for a special offer.

Despite a bad feeling, Sanders said he thought it was legitimate because the callers knew details of his account, and he recognized the number on his caller ID as Direct TV's number.

Experts said customers should be skeptical about any promotion from a company that requires a third party gift card.

This also shows that just because someone knows your information, doesn't mean you can trust them.

If you feel you're on the receiving end of a scam call, hang up, look up the company's number and call them yourself to confirm.