What's cuter than a baby?

How about three babies congratulating another baby on being named the cutest baby?

Earlier this week, we met Lucas Warren, the 2018 Gerber Spokesbaby (and the first child with Down's syndrome to snag the title) who lives in Dalton. Now, the well-wishes are rolling in from former Gerber babies, and we can barely contain ourselves.

OK, some of them are no longer babies. But let's be real, they'll always be babies to us.

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Riley, the 2017 Spokesbaby, threw a party in Lucas' honor. (Just look at the head of hair he's got now!)

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Isla, the 2016 Spokesbaby, showed off her dimples as she welcomed Lucas to the family.

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And Grace, the 2015 Spokesbaby, is still cute as a button in her own congratulatory video.