UPDATE: For the first time we are hearing from someone close to the Amish family involved in a crash over the weekend. Eight people were hurt when an ATV crashed into an Amish buggy carrying five children.

The Beiler family is Amish, meaning they live in a simple, traditional way. They don't use technology, drive cars, or have health insurance. Now they're scrambling to pay thousands of dollars from this weekend's accident.

“They are a close family. They are loving, they are caring, they are compassionate. They are a part of our community.”

It is why Dean Carter felt compelled to raise money for the Beiler family.

“Many of us know them. Raymond has done work in our home, we know them from the flea market where she does baked goods. They bring their strawberries down.”

Sunday, the family of seven was injured on their way home from a friend's house.

The Sequatchie County sheriff said a 14-year-old boy riding an ATV crashed into the buggy,  sending it into a ditch.

“Susie has a fractured left shoulder, that's the mom. One of the six-year-old girls has a broken arm. One of the young daughter has had a concussion, although it was minor that is good news. The oldest boy, 12, John Andrew suffered a lacerated spleen, he was in the hospital for a couple of days for observation.”

Carter said everyone is now home from the hospital, paying for hospital bills will be the family's next hurdle. “I did understand they did not have any insurance.”

Carter said the Beiler family has been so giving to the Fredonia Mountain community, it is now their neighbors who will return the favor.

“It is just an outpouring of love. Anything people can do. It all adds up and it helps.”

If you would like to help, click here to make a donation through GoFundMe.

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ORIGINAL STORY: A collision between an Amish buggy and an ATV in Dunlap injured eight people on Sunday.

Sequatchie County Sheriff Ronnie Hitchcock said it happened near Coca-Cola Road and Fredonia Road around 6:00pm CT.

Sheriff Hitchcock said a juvenile was driving the ATV when it crashed into an Amish buggy carrying children and a teacher.

The Cagle Mountain Volunteer Fire Department responded to the crash

The THP is investigating the crash. Authorities told Channel 3 everyone is expected to be okay.