The driver whose truck burst into flames on the interstate shutdown early Wednesday reached out to Channel 3. 

But he says he had nothing to do with the crash that happened moments earlier.

Three vehicles were involved in an accident on I-24 and his truck caught fire near the crash.

The cause of the truck fire is still under investigation.

The truck driver says the accident saved his life.

William Grossklaus has been driving trucks for about six months.

He says he was on I-24 waiting in a traffic backup, caused by the three-vehicle crash, when he noticed his truck started to malfunction.

Grossklaus says the accident saved his life because the traffic allowed him to slow down and stop on the side of the road.

“I hit my hazard lights out, put on my brakes, and I got out of the truck and it just blew up,” said Grossklaus. “I lost literally everything. I only walked away with the clothes on my back. Just a shirt my pajama pants and some shoes it was pouring outside and it was cold."

He says truckers are more likely to get blamed for crashes and he wanted to let everyone know he did not cause the accident.

“It looked a little sketchy because I was right up in the front right by all of them even though I had nothing to do with it,” said Grossklaus.

Grossklaus had been on the road for two months.  He's back with his daughter and wife in Illinois.