The first time I saw the post it was from a Facebook friend who was more of an acquaintance in real life.

He posted (or copied and pasted) a paragraph explaining that Facebook had changed its algorithm (again) and would start showing updates from a limited number of your Facebook friends who you interact with the most.

Some of these posts claim it's only about 25 friends.

Who wants to see only posts and updates from the same 25 people all the time?

His friends commented early and often hoping it meant they'd still be in touch on Facebook.

Soon after, more friends starting posting the same thing, asking for stickers or comments or just a word to ensure Facebook knows they want to continue seeing each others' posts.

Is it true or false? Could Facebook really be playing favorites with some of my friends?

The social network says it's false.

Recent changes in Facebook's newsfeed algorithm does place more weight with friends you interact with the most but it isn't making the rest of your friends disappear from the feed all together.

There are several things you can do to improve the odds you'll see posts from friends you want to see:

? Interact with your closest friends. Like their posts and photos. Share some and leave comments on others and don't ignore the "angry" reply for posts. While Facebook's algorithm is a secret many experts believe the network values the responses such as Angry, Laughing, Sad and Love reactions more than 'likes'.

? Follow the friends you like. By following friends you're ensuring their posts show up on your feed whenever they post something.

? Make a list of Friends you want to see first. Facebook allows users to make a list of up to 30 friends and pages you want to appear first in your feed.

? Add friends to the "close friends" group. You can do this by going to their profile page or by looking at your list of friends. Add their name to the Close Friends List and you can choose to see posts from those friends with a couple of clicks.

Facebook does control what and who shows up most often in your newsfeed when you open the webpage or app but these tweaks or adjustments will increase the likelihood of seeing the posts from people you care about.