UPDATE:  A ten-year-old boy told Whitfield County Sheriff's deputies that two men tried to lure him into an SUV near his home on Dusty Lane in Rocky Face. 

A North Georgia mother is thankful her 10-year-old son knew exactly what to do when the two strange men approached him. It's a lesson this she has taught her kids since they were old enough to understand.

“If you see somebody coming towards you, you run. Make loud noise, scream, and that is what he did,” the boy's mom, who didn’t want to be identified, said.

Last week, her 10-year-old son was playing outside when he came home crying. 

“I knew something was wrong because the fear of his face," she said. "He locked the door. He said somebody chased me.”

The boy told police he noticed a white SUV following him on his way home. He started running away, but the driver sped up. Then the passenger offered him $100 to get in the vehicle.

“I thought it would never happen to me or happen to my children," she added. "It didn't hurt me as bad as it hurt my son. He won't walk out the door, he wouldn't go nowhere.”

The mom believes her son was a random target, but admits she's noticed the suspicious vehicle in the neighborhood before.

“Me and my son have been watching the vehicle. When he gets off the bus, it will park in front of the bus on the other side of the road.” She went on to say, “Did that for like a whole month, we were watching that person do that. I really believed he lived around here, and he was getting his child off. Then that happened.”

The family gave authorities all the information they could. This mom said she’s keeping an extra eye on her children until the men are caught.

“I go down there and pick them up," she explained. "Not allowed to go to friends no more. Not allowed to go down there and play.”

Channel 3 spoke with a detective late Monday afternoon that told us the department is closing the case and have determined "no crime has been committed."

Here's what parents can do to help keep children safe according to police: 

  • Talk about the dangers in advance
  • Set some rules. Let them know where they can and can't go
  • Keep talking. Even after they start going out on their own, keep discussing safety outside the home with them.