A new report says  a local highway interchange is one of the worst in the country for trucks.     

The research is based off GPS data from more than 800.000 trucks that takes a look at congestion impact on 300 different locations on the National Highway System.

Here locally, one of our interchanges made the list.  

The split at Interstate 24 and Highway 27,  that's currently under construction, came in at number 11 of the worst for trucks by the "American Transportation Research Institute".
Atlanta has two bottlenecks in the top ten, including I-285 at I-85 north coming in at number one.

This impacts the truck industry in costs and all of us as we see the traffic backups.

During President Trump's State of the Union he called on Congress to produce a bill that would invest at least 1.5 trillion dollars to rebuild the country's “crumbling infrastructure.”