A local Facebook page is aiming to catch thieves throughout the Red Bank area.

It's called "Red Bank Area Citizens Taking Control Theft Page."

Tammy Moore created the page on Friday after her husband's truck was stolen from their driveway. She says she reported the theft to police, but says it was her Facebook post that helped them track down their truck. 

Moore has been a red bank homeowner for 12 years. She says she's been a victim of theft in the past, but this time was different. 

"You panic. I mean you work hard; my husband works from daylight to dark to have the things we have for someone to come around and take it and sell it for nothing and do what they want to do," said Moore. 

Moore took to Facebook to report her husband's truck missing; hours later a friend spotted the truck; police were notified and the truck was returned to Moore.

"They stole a lot of stuff out of it. We recovered the truck but we didn't get all of our stuff," said Moore. 

Now, Moore says she worries about her neighbors being targeted. 

"I’m fed up with it. If citizens would step up we may could put a stop to some of that here in Red Bank and that’s what I’m trying to do with the site." 

Moore's community Facebook page has 55 likes. She says it's similar to a neighborhood watch page, but focuses on thefts. 

"If anybody sees your vehicle tell them to take a picture that way you can have it for the police department to say hey this guy sent me the picture it’s my car will you assist me," said Moore. "I just want to get the word out there. Lock your doors, be aware, and report anybody that's in your neighborhood. Just because you live in a good neighborhood like we do doesn't mean they're not scamming you to see what you have." 

Red Bank officials say they were not aware of the Facebook page until we alerted them earlier Monday. They urge residents to always report thefts to the police before sharing online. If not, they say the chances of recovery will be low. They also urge residents to not post any personal information.