Channel 3 learned new details about how DeWayne Halfacre survived five days on the run from police in Marion County. He was found Friday afternoon in an abandoned home on Highway 283. But we've learned that wasn't the only house he spent time in during the manhunt.

A Whitwell woman said Halfacre broke into her deceased sister-in-law's home. She tells Channel 3 he helped himself to a shower and food.

Phyllis Hudson was away from home last week taking care of her family. She decided to go back to Whitwell Friday evening and check on a vacant family home. That's when she realized at some point DeWayne Halfacre was living inside.

DeWayne Halfacre made himself at home inside the vacant Whitwell home. The property owner, Phyllis Hudson, said he didn't go hungry. “Macaroni and cheese. He had V8 Juice out, we still had some things in the freezer, he had some of that.”

Hudson isn't sure how long he stayed but said he was comfortable, cooking dinner, taking a shower and even using medication that belonged to Hudson’s late sister-in-law.

“Everything torn apart, food everywhere, the shower had been used," Hudson explained. "There were towels on the floor. Basically, everything had been gone through.”

Hudson said she didn't waste any time calling 911. The house is behind the Dollar General, the central location of that massive manhunt. The house is also exactly two miles from where Halfacre surrendered to police.

“I did already know he had been captured; this was the night of his capture," Hudson said. "I knew he'd been captured by the time I went to go check on the house.”

Still frightening for Hudson, knowing at one point a man considered armed and dangerous was living inside.

“They were 95 percent sure, but they did collect the evidence for solid proof,” Hudson said.

DeWayne Halfacre remains in the Marion County Jail waiting to be extradited to Rutherford County, where the armed robbery took place that started the manhunt.

Halfacre was formally booked and charged with burglary and vandalism in connection with a robbery in South Pittsburg. He's being held on charges for crimes in Rutherford County and Nashville.

Marion County Sheriff Bo Burnett said his department will present evidence to a grand jury next month in an effort to file several more charges against Halfacre.