Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam will deliver his eight and final State of the State address Monday night.

Haslam has less than one year remaining in the Governor’s Mansion, nearing the end of his second term in office.

The Governor will likely use his final State of the State speech to tout his successes over the last seven years, including getting the Improve Act passed last year.

Haslam expected to focus on the opioid crisis, which kills three Tennesseans a day. The Governor last week unveiled a $30 million plan to combat the epidemic.

"The Governor’s proposal to spend $25 to $30 million to combat the opioid crisis is frankly ridiculous,” said Rep. Stewart. “It shows he simply either doesn’t understand the opioid crisis, or doesn’t take it seriously.”

The focus will also shift to education as Haslam expected to reflect on Tennessee’s gains in education and job growth.