A fight broke out during a basketball game at Brainerd High School Saturday sending one person to the hospital.

A Channel 3 viewer sent in a video of the fight between Brainerd and Austin East High from Knoxville.      

Several community members told Channel 3 they are disappointed by the fight.

Nailah Littlejohn was in attendance when the brawl broke out and says the fight happened during the boys’ basketball game just before halftime.

“It was like the last few seconds of the quarter and both players from Austin East and Brainerd dove for the ball and then after that you heard them yelling at each other,” said Nailah Littlejohn. “Both benches started fighting, the whole gym erected in a fight from under the goal to the stands,”

Littlejohn says tensions between these teams were high as the game progressed.

“The refs they were calling fouls and then they weren't calling fouls, it was like really for both sides so just frustration,” said Littlejohn.

There were dozens of people involved in the fight including players, students and even parents.

Many community members posted their feelings about the brawl on Facebook.

One comment says, “It's sad that any good at Brainerd High is overshadowed by the ignorance of a few.”

Another comment calls this, “Animalistic behavior and both teams should have their season ended.”

Littlejohn says many people agree.

“People have talked about that maybe there's just not a good idea anymore,” said Littlejohn.

Littlejohn says while she doesn't excuse this behavior, she can understand where these emotions are coming from.

“I think it was two teams and their love for basketball over frustrated and that's what resulted in the fight frustration,” said Littlejohn.

Brainerd High School interim Principal Dr. Zac Brown released a statement about the incident:

“I am disappointed in the actions displayed at tonight’s game,” said Dr. Zac Brown, interim principal at Brainerd High School. “We expect both teams and fans to display sportsmanship on and off of the court.”  He added, “I do want to thank all of the Brainerd staff members and adults in the gym who intervened in the appropriate way."

The injuries from the student are not known at this time.

Deputies say charges may be pending based on the outcome of the investigation.