Would you drive half-a-car?

A vehicle with one seat and three wheels that goes about 100 miles without gasoline?

The folks at Canadian company Electra Meccanica believe it's time; they've been working on The Solo for 4 years and are now about ready to put them on the road.

"Solo is a single passenger, all electric commuter vehicle. The concept is something that will replace your gasoline vehicle for daily commuting," says Electra Meccanica Vehicles the maker of Solo.

Solo has a few things going for it: it'll go 100 miles on a single charge which is impressive when compared to other electric vehicles.

By removing the passenger seat and a rear-tire, the vehicle weighs less and thus requires less power to go down the road.

It also will go 80mph which will keep up with traffic on the highway.

"In regular traffic you're at least as fast as everything else," says Reisner. "There's no problem keeping up with traffic, passing, all that stuff."

Reisner says the average daily commuter drives around 19 miles to work and the Solo has more than enough range to make that drive every day as well as enough to run errands on the way home.

Other companies have tried and either failed to get similar vehicles on the road or are still delayed.

The question for Solo, is whether people are finally ready to embrace a one-seat vehicle that runs on 3 wheels.

"I'd ask them if they're ready to stop paying thousands of dollars a year on gasoline," says Reisner.

The cost of the Solo is $15,500.

Electra Meccanica is accepting reservations on its website.

Deliveries to people who currently hold reservations are expected to begin this summer.

According to the website if you make a reservation now it guarantees delivery in 2019.