Dr. Rob Headrick,CHI Memorial says, "Huge deal; the biggest thing is no one has ever done this."

There is a new weapon in the fight against lung cancer.

Dr. Rob Headrick says, "We took a CT scan and put it in a mobile platform where it is self-sufficient, powers itself."

The National Cancer Institute says the low dose CT lung cancer scan has been shown to improve survival by 20 percent. It shows a 3-D image that is clearer and more detailed than regular X-rays, allowing doctors to diagnose it at it's earliest stage.

The symptoms of lung cancer include: persistent cough, chest pain, voice change, and shortness of breath.

Dr. Rob Headrick says, "All the fancy tools I have in the operating room, all the amazing drugs really don't work unless you get to somebody early."

And that is exactly what Dr. Headrick hopes to do with this new Mobile Lung CT Coach.

Dr. Rob Headrick says, "If the name of the game is to get to people sooner, discover cancer early, we've got to get out to the public. We've got to find the people at risk and screen them."

The mobile unit will travel throughout the Channel 3 viewing area, including North Georgia and Northeast Alabama.

Dr. Rob Headrick says, "Our goal is simple. In 10 years, I think we can become last in the country."

To learn more about the Mobile Lung CT Coach, call 423-495-5864 or visit CHI Memorial's website.

You can also schedule a screening event by calling 423-495-2540.