The search intensifies for a man on the TBI's top 10 Most Wanted list in Marion County Tuesday night. 

Police say Dewayne Halfacre stole a vehicle and a gun, leading to several businesses and schools were locked down Tuesday.

Channel 3 just learned Whitwell Elementary, Middle and High schools will all be closed on Wednesday.

Channel 3 first told you about Halfacre and Timothy Howell on Monday.

The two were first wanted by deputies for an armed robbery in Rutherford County on Friday. After a car chase and crash on Monday, Howell was captured.

    “I just started seeing this on the news yesterday and today and I am just blown away,” Raymond Halfacre tells Channel 3.

    Helicopters, K-9s and several other law enforcement agencies spread out over a 10 to12 mile perimeter, searching for Dewayne Halfacre. 

    After a string of crimes, he’s still nowhere to be found. 

    Halfacre’s brother Raymond says he’s shocked and that Halfacre suffers from a drug addiction.  

    “He’s not a danger,” Raymond says. “He’s scared and I don’t know if he’s come down off his high.”

    “I guess that’s what he’s done is come down off of it and he’s scared and is running,” Raymond adds.

    Regardless, Marion County Sheriff Ronnie “Bo” Burnett says Halfacre poses a threat the community. 

    “Right now you know he’s armed and dangerous; that’s when you hurt people,” Sheriff Burnett says. “If you live in this area and somebody knocks on your door, don’t go to your door and call 911.”

    “We’re going to have extra officers in this area and just kind of be on your best watching things,” Sheriff Burnett adds.

    Sheriff Burnett says he’s confident they will find Halfacre soon. 

    “We’ve done a thorough search, so I feel really good,” Sheriff Burnett says. “I was wanting better results, of course, anybody would; but, I still feel comfortable that we will locate him here in this area.”

    Meanwhile, Halfacre’s family says they’re praying he will make the right decision. 

    “I just want him to surrender and I don’t want him to continue doing what he’s doing and I don’t want him getting hurt at all,” Raymond says. “All I can say is I love him with all my heart, my family loves him, my kids love him.”

    “We want him to surrender, come out, go to jail and get major help,” Raymond says.

    If you know where Halfacre is, please call the TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND (1-800-824-3463). There is a reward of up to $2,500 being offered for information leading to his arrest.

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