A Hamilton County school bus is out of commission after it broke down on the way to school Monday.

This incident happened just before 7:00 am on Hixson Pike near Ashland Terrace. The bus broke down right in the middle of the morning commute. Some lanes of traffic were closed while crews removed the bus and brought the students to a safe location.

A Durham School Services spokesperson said, 65 students were transferred off bus 332 and on a spare bus because of an issue. Channel 3 reached out to find out what went wrong, but they did not specify what happened citing an ongoing investigation.

The company also could not tell us when this particular bus was last inspected. However, our cameras caught a sticker issued by THP showing that it was last checked out in July, but it's not clear of which year.

We were curious to know what kind of problems these buses are checked for during maintenance.

“We're looking for brakes; we're looking for tires, lug nuts, exhaust, the interior of the bus," Sgt. Alan Bailey said. "We're looking to make sure seats are in good condition, and we're making sure there are no sharp or protruding objects inside the bus."

Not all buses are inspected each year. Only buses over 15-years-old are inspected twice a year.

Sgt. Bailey said his office is in charge of inspecting more than 1,000 buses in 12 southeast Tennessee counties, including Hamilton County.

No one was hurt during the incident. The bus in question is now undergoing maintenance.