UPDATE:  Dear eagle watchers, we are very sad to report that one of the eaglets fell out of the nest Thursday night and did not survive the fall according to Berry College Eagles Page.

Berry College is home to the Fighting Vikings, but a new potential mascot has emerged. And it's one that represents more than just the college. The duo of bald eagles represent the country. 

Hatch Watch 2018 is on with eggs in the nest at North Georgia's Berry College. 

Dr. Renee Carleton, an assistant professor of biology, says incubation is going to be about 35 days. The eggs were produced on January 3, so expect hatching between February 7 and 10. 


Bald eagles mate for life, and this same pair has been nesting on Berry's campus since 2012. Much to delight of students, faculty and visitors hoping to capture that perfect photo of our national emblem. 

"You can't imagine how magnificent those birds are until you see them in person," Carleton said. "With our site here, we're so fortunate they actually chose a site that's so accessible, you just pull into our parking lot."

If you can't make it to Rome, Berry installed a network of 24 hour cameras so admirers could watch from around the globe.