More than a hundred people from around the world are in Chattanooga for the Alexa Conference.

Alexa is the personal assistant created by Amazon for their devices.

There were a few people who traveled from places like Germany and Nicaragua to attend the conference. They said they were determined to get to the event. They even used Uber to get from Atlanta to Chattanooga after the last week's winter weather caused their flight to be canceled. 

“Alexa start Tesla,” Bob Stolzbeorg, with Voice XP, said. “Welcome to the Tesla skill for Amazon Alexa,” the Alexa device responded.

Dominik Meissner traveled from Germany, a 24-hour trip, to attend the Alexa Conference.

He says this conference will help advance his company and the technology in his country.

“The German market is a little bit in the infancy because we don't have the devices available yet; we are lagging behind as I said before, and so it's developing,” said Dominik Meissner, participant.

The first Alexa conference, last year, hosted about 70 people from around the World. This year, participation has doubled in size.

“No matter what country you are in, we live in a global society, so you need to know how this technology is being used in different parts of the world,” said Bradley Metrock, a conference organizer.

Bob Stolzbeorg says the voice command technology in the Alexa products will be the major shift in computing.

“What it really also impacts is human behavior because it's fundamentally easier to ask for something than it is to type something and look at it on a screen,” Stolzbeorg said.

Octavio Menocal came from Nicaragua to learn more about developing Alexa skills. He is also using this opportunity to teach others about the industry.

“Honestly I have never thought about being a speaker; it came up he just came up suddenly, and this is my first time, and I loved it,” said Octavio Menocal, event speaker.

Chattanooga will now be the home for all future Alexa Conferences.