As the Tennessee Valley continues to thaw out, potholes are beginning to dent more and more roads. 

Chattanooga Public Works crews have been working around the clock to fill potholes around the city. The department's street maintenance team has already received 100 repair requests. They've filled a few potholes earlier this month, but today was their first day back at it in full force since this week's wintry mix. 

With one pull to a lever, crushed asphalt mixed with a chemical liquid spilled into a pothole on Morris Hill Road Thursday afternoon. The street maintenance team calls it "cold mix." 

"It's not quite as durable it doesn't have the tensile strength that the hot mix does but it takes care of what we're putting in and in the spring if they come back out we will go back and fix them the correct way with the hot mix," said Street Maintenance Manager, Bobby Allen. 

But Allen says there's no way of knowing how long the repair will last. 

"What we fixed today may stay in for a year, it may stay a little bit longer than that and it may come out in three months. It just depends on how much traffic is on it and how well it holds up." 

Allen says his team is always busy during the winter. They operate out of two trucks, and are repairing at least 30 potholes a day. 

"We get more potholes this time of year than any other but it's an ongoing battle every day," said Allen. "We have about 2300 lane miles of pavement in the city of Chattanooga; that's Chattanooga to Los Angeles that we're trying to cover and keep the potholes filled in." 

You can report a pothole in your neighborhood to the city by calling 3-1-1, downloading the "Chatt311" app or online. If your car is damaged by a pothole, you can contact the city attorney's office to seek compensation.

TDOT handles repairs on potholes on interstates. Depending on where the pothole is, some damages could be filed with the Tennessee Department of Treasury, but the pothole must be on the state's repair list. Call 423- 892-3430 to report an interstate pothole for repair.