Noah Brandon Davis has been missing going on four years now. This young man from North Georgia was on the verge of a new start.

"Noah was always in a good mood, a laughing person," said half-brother Jason Stephens. "I think he held a characteristic that my dad had and that was to help other people."

He had borrowed a truck that he did not return. It was found at the old Knight's Inn in East Ridge.

"That was the key, the truck was found early August 2014," said Stephens.

As the days passed, then the weeks, it became evident Noah was not simply away.

"His mother even passed way and he did not show up to the funeral," Stephens added. It's just out of character for him not to make contact with anybody in the family."

In the year or two before his disappearance, Stephens had started getting to better know his half-brother.

"Noah was always in a good mood," he said, "a laughing person. I think he held a characteristic that my dad had and that was to help other people."

While Noah may have lived what Stephens describes as a rough life, in 2014 he was just about to turn things around.

"Noah was in and out of the jail system," he explained, "but my dad actually got all the money that he had put together. Noah was looking forward to going to Carter's Hope Rehab."

That is when he went missing.

Relatives fear the worst, but we are hoping for the best. Maybe he just wanted to disappear. Maybe you've heard from him or of him since the summer of 2014.

"So, we're asking if you have any little bit of information," said Chattanooga Police Sgt. Victor Miller, "maybe you saw him driving or you talked to him on Facebook messenger, you received a text message or you saw him in Florida, it could be any little bit of information that you have that might provide information the Catoosa County Sheriff's Office needs."

If you know something, but are hesitant to get involved, know that we will never ask your name. You will be issued a case ID number with the tip you provide.

Share your information with Crime Stoppers and if you help resolve this case, you will earn up to $1,000 and a clear conscience.

Did he fall into trouble, or did he simply run somewhere to reinvent himself? His family needs to know.

Noah's mother has passed now and so has his father.

You can let the rest of his family know he is okay or provide a hint as to what happened to him.

"Noah is just like anybody," Stephens added. "That's somebody's brother, that's somebody's son, somebody's friend. If they have the information, it has to be eating at their conscience."

If that is you, call Crime Stoppers at 698-3333.