A Chattanooga man is charged with attempted murder for a shooting a man during a drug deal gone wrong.

Last month the victim met a woman on Highland Avenue to sell her marijuana. When the woman arrived, she had an unknown man with her.
The man, later identified as Keair Curtis Goodman, tried to get into the car but the victim wouldn't let him. That's when the woman reached in and unlocked the door letting Goodman in the backseat. She then distracted the victim while Goodman pulled out a gun and pointed it at the victim.
The victim jumped out of the car and ran, Goodman fired several shots hitting the victim in the back and side.

Chattanooga Police were called and found the victim lying in the street. He was taken to the hospital.  He was left temporarily paralyzed

In January the victim identified Goodman through some Facebook photos. Goodman was arrested and is set for a first appearance in court January 19th. 
The woman's identity is still unknown.