It’s ski season in Mentone, Alabama, and the slope is open at Cloudmont Ski and Golf Resort. Since 1970, the snowmaking machinery at Cloudmont has been allowing visitors to ski far south of the Mason-Dixon Line. The night-time temperature must remain at 28 degrees or colder to retain any man-made snow, as Mentone sits at just around 1,800 feet in elevation.

You might expect that winter sports are not commonly practiced this far south, nor do many Southerners own winter equipment. Cloudmont both rents gear and provides ski and snowboard lessons.

"What we do is, teach new people how to ski, we usually will teach them how to snowboard,” explained Tyler Rowland from Cloudmont.

There are not high expectations at Cloudmont for your performance.

"Everybody is real friendly here and real helpful,” boasted visitor Jenny Lackey. “You feel like there's a lot of other people who are just learning so it's not intimidating. Cause I need a place that there's a lot of people who don't know what they're doing, so that I blend in.”

Cloudmont offers a variety of chalets and cabin rentals year round, along with the golf course, ski slope, and Little River access.