Why not make the best of the cold weather? For a fun science experiment, see how long it takes to get a bubble to freeze.

What you need:

  • Dish Soap
  • One Plastic Straw
  • Water
  • Temperatures below 32 degrees

The colder the temperature, the quicker the freezing will occur.

Blow the soapy water to make a bubble through a straw. It may take a few times, depending on the air temperature outside, but allow yourself a few minutes to get a decent bubble to stick to an object. Eventually, the bubble will freeze to an object like a table or plate. 

This video describes what the bubble does when the air temperature is 29 degrees. It only took one minute and 30 seconds for the bubble to freeze.

The freezing initially begins inside the bubble, and the liquid gradually freezes to whatever solid object it's touching. Once it freezes, the bubble doesn't pop, but eventually tears.

The bubble will ultimately collapse on itself. If it's cold enough, the bubble remains a film longer.

Try it out and send us your results! It only takes a few minutes and brings in a nice learning experience for kids.

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