Cold temperatures are affecting not only homeowners but local businesses as well.

The First Tennessee Pavilion had multiple pipes burst Monday afternoon.

Channel 3 spoke with a plumber about what people can do to protect their home during the freezing temperatures.

While there are plenty of tips to help prevent your pipes from bursting, Tracy Trent says that may not be enough during extreme temperatures.

“Ceramic heaters that can't catch on fire underneath plugged up on real low sometimes is very good,” said Tracy Trent, Chattanooga’s Number 1 payless Remodeling and Repair.

Trent says Pex tubing (cross-linked polyethylene) should be installed at every home to prevent pipes from breaking.

“It was designed not to be able to freeze the most houses need this under it because if you wait till it's too cold then it's too late,” said Tracy Trent, of Chattanooga’s Number 1 Payless Remodeling and Repair.

Trent says you can also put a pile of leaves over your water meter to protect it from frost.

When temperatures are below freezing all day long the chances of pipes bursting increase as well as the damages to your home.

“You can cost you into the tens of thousands of dollars depending on what it does to your home if it comes off the foundation if it corrects the walls,” said Trent.
To save some money leave your faucets slightly running, and use some insulation materials to cover your pipes.

Some broken pipes aren't noticeable until the water bill comes and it seems higher than normal.

“If it's busted and they don't know and it's a small leak the water bills going up in all of a sudden they have all these issues you have to take care of black mold which is very dangerous,” Trent explained.

The water coming from pipes at the First Tennessee pavilion was stopped in about 30 minutes and they say they have at least one pipe to burst every year.