UPDATE: Your drive around parts of Chattanooga will be smoother in 2018. Dozens of roads across the City will be getting some much-needed upgrades.

City Council members voted in early December to spend just shy of $4 million dollars to fix dozens of roads around the scenic city.

That money will pay for 35 roads to get resurfaced. Councilman Chip Henderson said the price tag may seem hefty, but it's a project almost everyone can get on board with.  

"As soon as you ride on a freshly paved road, you immediately notice your tax dollars at work," explained Henderson.

Channel 3 drove on some of the roads on the list for improvements, to see just how bad they are. There were potholes and even chunks of asphalt missing in some places.

Henderson said those are complaints he hears all the time, “If not a daily basis, at least a weekly basis.”

The resurfacing, which puts a fresh, smooth layer of asphalt on the road, will begin in the spring.

Henderson said the roads will look better, be smoother to drive on, and save the City money in the long run by fixing them before they have to be completely redone.

"Some of our roads get in such bad condition that we have to do what we call reconstruction, obviously that's much more expensive," Henderson explained.

Henderson said it's been decades since some of the roads on this list have seen any upgrades.

The projects are slated to start in the spring, but Henderson said they could start earlier depending on the weather.

All of the roads will be resurfaced by the end of 2018. 

PREVIOUS STORY: Dozens of roads in Chattanooga are getting a facelift in 2018.

The members of the Chattanooga City Council voted to approve nearly $4 million in road and repaving upgrades, in early December.

There are 35 roads on the list for improvements, which can be seen below: