After fireworks were set off inside a store at Hamilton Place the day after Christmas last year, the mall has called for one of their policies to start earlier.

The Youth Escort Policy, which requires shoppers under 18 to be accompanied by someone 21 or older after 4:00pm, that's in place on weekends will also be enforced Tuesday, the day after Christmas.

The holiday shopping season starts Thanksgiving, of course, and continues to build through Christmas. However, the best deals are the day after Christmas, making the mall a prime location for so much to happen.

Wesley Austin was at the Hamilton Place Mall the day after Christmas last year when four people lit fireworks inside of Victoria Secret's Pink store near the food court. 

“At first, I was very confused on what was going on until we were told to get down duck and hide,” shopper Wesley Austin said.

This year, Hamilton Place Mall has decided to require anyone under the age of 18 to be accompanied by an adult the day after Christmas.

Usually, only in effect on weekends, they're implementing the Youth Escort Policy, that Tuesday. A spokesperson for the mall says they have made this decision because of an increase of incidents nationwide.

“It's just a scary time and any precaution that we take is of value,” shopper Carol Brown said.

"I think people should embrace it,” shopper Carol Brown said.

Many adult shoppers agree that using this policy will reduce risky behavior like violence and shoplifting.

Shopper Jennifer Vassell says some teens act one way around their parents and another way around their friends.

“A little bit more respectful take a little bit more precaution just I wouldn't be as wild and rambunctious,” Vassell said. 

While some are proud of the safety measures Chattanooga leaders are making to keep community members safe, they are hopeful that this will inspire others.

“People will see what we're doing here also and try to mimic that across the country,” shopper Matt Hellmer said.

During the holiday season, Hamilton Place security and local law enforcement are working together in an effort to protect every customer inside and outside the mall.

Just as a reminder, Hamilton Place mall will be enforcing a Youth Escort Policy from 8:00 am to close on Tuesday, December 26th.